Top 5 Best Multiplayer Android Games to Play with FRIENDS



Wassup Android Gamers. Today I’ll share you the best and the top 5 multiplayer android games and can be played with your friend or friend(s). All the games are very interesting and I can bet you that you’ll must like any of the game! I’ll share you both FREE and PAID Game. Make sure to read the whole article. So Now Let’s Start!


All Multiplayer android game I’m going to show is very unique and has option to play with friends as well as solo. Not all games have high graphics but have high quality, features, and millions of active players. If you have any suggestion or if you know any more good multiplayer android game, please let me know in comments, Enjoy!


Now You can say that this is a alternate of Fall guys which is Free and can be played on Android with Friends! The Game size is around 100 MB and you dont need much internet to play the game. This game has around 30 Maps. The game has 10 Million + Downloads and More than 50k Daily players, Even it is more than fall guys (7 Million). So It won’t take more than 5 seconds to start Match.

To play with Friends – Download The game from PLAYSTORE or APPSTORE – Start the game – Login is Optional – Create a Party/room – Share your party code with your friends – After your friends joined you can click the Play button to start game! You can also play the game solo (singleplayer), Just open the game and click Play!

The game can be played on Lowest Specs Device like If you have 1Gb of ram you can even play the game. All you need is just a simple android phone and Internet to enjoy the fun


3 Maps – 15 Players – 1 Impostor. The game is totally different and unique from all Games. You may find boring when playing as Crewmate, But being Impostor in this game is so fun, When you become Impostor You have to kill your team members and don’t have to caught (be sus) else You’ll be thrown into Void.

It’s easy to play the game with your friends, and even if you don’t have internet you can play the game with your offline friends or with your siblings through LAN. When you’re Online you can make a server in the game and can invite your friends through GAME CODE. Any (or 2) of your team member will get Impostor role. You can also play FREEGAME mode when you’re not Online, you can use the mode to Practice and Explore Maps.


Almost Every Teen Gamers knows the game and it’s quality. The game is overall the best Android Multiplayer game, because You can play in any server in any mode, SURVIVAL, PVP, SKYBLOCK, AND A LOT LOT MORE. It’s paid but not totally, You can downloaded Modded Minecraft for FREE Here, don’t worry you can play online and in any server without any Issue!

You have to option to play with your friends, First is to create own server or SMP which will be little harder but FREE, Second way is to play on servers, there are over a million servers in minecraft to play in. Some best server for Minecraft PE I ever found:

  • THE HIVE –


This is probably the most played Multiplayer android game, Almost every teen knows about The Game! Similar game is FREE Fire, If you don’t like PUBG, Head to Free Fire. All you need is a Facebook or Twitter account to login in the game and enjoy over 10 amazing maps.

To play with friends, open your facebook or twitter account and send friend request to your friend you wanna play with or else You can directly go to PUBG/BGMI -> Friends -> Add friends -> Here type your friend username and send them game request and Enjoy playing! There are over 500 Millions downloads of both PUBG AND BGMI and Millions of active players, if you don’t want to play with your friends, you can even play squad, or duo with strangers (random players) and you can even play solo mode.


The game is also similar to Minecraft but has more different games, modes etc. In this game you will find millions of games(maps), like hide and seek, survival, parkour, pvp, and a lot more. You can explore different worlds with your friends easily. The game gives you option to create your own world where you can show your creativity to friends. But don’t worry you can even play solo in the game!

To Play with friends go to ROBLOX’s Official WEBSITE, and Create a account there, after that Open game, login, and In friends section, click add friends and type your friend username here, after your friend accept your request, you both can play together. There is a very big community of Roblox with 1 Million+ Active players.